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      【喜讯】热烈祝贺华昌铝业集团德国分公司(Wacang Aluminium GmbH)顺利起航!

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      In May, all things are flourishing. In the distant European continent, everything seems so enthusiastic and full of vitality. Under the great vision and deployment of the group Chairman Pan Weishen, the European branch of Huachang Aluminum Group grandly opened in Hamburg, the second largest city in Germany.


      With the help of the national “ the Belt and the Road” strategy and the continuous deepening and development of China-EU economic and trade cooperation, Huachang Aluminum Group has accelerated its overseas deployment. Based on the existing Hong Kong branch, the Australian branch, and the New Zealand branch, Huachang is products and service have been brought to Europe, and the brand awareness and customer satisfaction have been upgraded to a new level.


      With nearly 30 years of continuous development, Huachang Aluminum Group started from one extrude machine and has developed into a comprehensive aluminum international group including Guangdong Huachang Aluminum Factory Co.,Ltd , Guangdong Vasait Windoors Facades Co.,LTD and Guangdong Grenco Accessories Co.,LTD. Our products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions , of which Huachang aluminum ranks TOP 3 in China for export.

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